Bridging the gasoline-to-electricity chasm

My Clean Break column today takes a look at growing support for the electrification of transportation. The list of newcomers offering or wanting to offer electric and/or plug-in hybrid vehicles is growing, and so too is the list of established companies wanting to jump on the trend. With oil hitting $100 a barrel last week it certainly focuses attention on the need to consider the effects of peak oil on the North American economy and ways of achieving domestic energy security. Electrification of vehicles is, it appears to me, the way to go. That said, there will be many technical hurdles to overcome, including the interaction of these vehicles with the grid. That’s where companies such as CrossChasm of Waterloo, Ont. (see profile here), and V2Green of Seattle play an important role.

This isn’t going to be an overnight thing, but talk of electric and plug-in vehicles has never been stronger, and going there doesn’t mean pitting electricity against biofuels — the two play an important and complementary role.

NOTE: For a list of 27 electric car makers, courtesy of VentureBeat, click here.